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Mammoth Resort Management is a full service residential property management company specializing in resort condominium & community management in the Mammoth Lakes area. With a successful track record in Mammoth Property Management for over 30 years, we are keenly aware of the challenges facing resort mountain properties, and more importantly, how to efficiently and cost effectively deal with these challenges in order to maintain and enhance property values.

We perform a wide range of services on behalf of our clients that require a solid understanding of the principles and practice of human resources, contracting, accounting and finance, dispute resolution, insurance, physical maintenance, local government relations, board management, construction and law.

Ensuring our owners and guests have a first class experience when they visit Mammoth is our top priority. We take a hands-on approach and enjoy close relationships and the support of our board and owners.

Our focus is to provide the best property management services in Mammoth. We achieve this with excellent customer service and a team oriented approach that is built on integrity, leadership and trust - and an understanding that efficient property management leads to our mutual success - and the preservation of your property investment.

Our Approach to Property Management

Upon engagement with the Board/Owner, we conduct a thorough review of the project, normally during the RFP process, including:

  • Property, facility and common area inspections.
  • Budget Review.
  • Needs analysis and interviews with Board members/owners.
  • Review property history, special needs, upcoming projects and special assessments.

Following the review, we prepare a detailed proposal for prospective clients, which specifies services we provide, as well as an overview of management activities (for example):

  • Daily Management Activities: Daily on-site project and work inspections, post occupancy unit inspections, meetings/communication with on-site managers.
  • Weekly Management Activities: Weekly unit inspections, on-site staff meetings, scheduling, performance reviews.
  • Monthly Management Activities: Monthly Management Report to Board, including progress report, schedule, budget and issues and recommendations.

Upon selection, we prepare a formal contract which outlines in detail our property management responsibilities and activities.

Why Mammoth Resort Management

  • Organized, responsive and accountable.
  • Creativity and understanding of management principles.
  • Reputation built on a proven record of success.
  • Goals to enhance the value and aesthetics of your property.
  • Proactive management and community planning.
  • Trust, integrity and communication.

Your Mammoth Property Management Requirements

To learn more about Mammoth's finest property management team, or to request a bid for our property management services, please call us at 888-604-6684 or submit an inquiry.

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